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Specialty Services

Medical, Veterinary & Laboratory

Specimens for medical or veterinary laboratories, X-rays, medical supplies, medical freight, small medical equipment, veterinary supplies, equipment or tack. Our drivers are trained to handle blood borne pathogens and are HIPPA certified.

Fragile Items

Flowers, motion picture films, personal gifts and presents, glassware, kitchenware, light bulbs and tubing, electronics, home apparel, clothing and fabric.

Expedited Freight

Give us a call and the same day SureXpress will hot shot a delivery to your destination for any item you need delivered. As soon as you call our dispatch operator we will get going. We offer a fixed price for hot shot deliveries in the Oklahoma City and Tulsa metro areas. Deliveries outside of these metropolises are billed using a one-way mileage rate.

Personal Health

Pharmaceuticals, beauty supplies, non-prescription drugs and home health items. Our drivers are trained to follow Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) regulations when necessary.

Automotive and Transportation

Car and truck parts, automotive accessories, bumpers, tires and wheels, trailer parts and motorcycle parts. If there is a piece that goes on a moving object we will carry it for you.


You name it. Office supplies, industrial or home cleaning supplies, grocery supplies, paper, veterinary supplies, farm supplies, shipping and packaging supplies, restaurant supplies.

Temperature Sensitive Materials

Frozen specimens, refrigerated specimens, room temperature specimens, cultures that need to be kept warm, water samples for testing by DEQ, candy, cosmetics, flowers, or other packages that need to be transported in a controlled environment.

Court documents, legal documents, payroll, business papers, commercial paper, cancelled checks, Federal/State/Local government documents, mortgages, deeds, titles, vehicle tags, abstracts, contractual agreements, notarized documents.